Sunday, April 2, 2006

Why all the hype about SOA & Testing?

I've been working on a Webinar and article about testing SOA... because I've been asked to... because SOA is all the rage or something. So what's the big deal?!? Objects that are based on a business process is called a Service... Ok. There are competing "standards" for communication protocols for services... Ok. There are SOA Management Software packages that do what middleware has always done... Ok. Services are assumed to be remote and developed by someone else... Ok. And?

What's the new part? What *haven't* we had to deal with before? What *haven't* we had to deal with in combinations before?

Am I just WAAAAAAAAAY out of the loop, or this 90% hype and 10% pushing problems we've been dealing with for *at least* 6 years working their way into new places?

O-well, back to the article... maybe I'll come up with something more useful to say in it.

Scott Barber
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