Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy About Global Software Test Automation

I just posted this review for Hung Nguyen's new book on Amazon. All you testers and test managers out there, slip this book under your boss's door when they aren't looking and watch how quickly the company starts embracing and respecting software testing!


Happy About Global Software Test Automation: A Discussion of Software Testing for Executives is an absolute must read for any executive in a company that develops, customizes or implements software.

For years, software testing has been notoriously under valued and misunderstood by corporate executives. While leading software testers have been trying to get their message to executives from the bottom up, they have been largely unsuccessful. This book has the potential to change that.

Hung Nguyen is a widely respected leader in the software testing community who has shared his experiences with corporate executives in the first software testing book written explicitly *for* executives. If you are an executive in a company that develops, customizes or implements software, this book is for you. It is straight forward, relevant, applicable and easy to digest. In fact, it is the perfect book to take with you on your next business trip as it is organized in sections that are the perfect size for layovers, take-offs and landings - at least that was the case for me.

With this book, all it takes is one business trip and you'll be able to engage in risk and ROI based planning to minimize many of the challenges and expenses your company faces related to software through the efficient and effective application and management of software testing. 
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