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Top 10 Tips for Test Managers from STP Online Summit

I had the pleasure of hosting the another Online Summit, delivered by Software Test Professionals: Test Management: Bridging the Gap Between Tests and Stakeholders.  The online summit format consists of 3 sessions each for 3 consecutive days.  The sessions for this summit were:
One of my duties as host was to try to summarize the most valuable nuggets of information from across all of the presentations into a "top tips" list.  This is what I came up with:

Scott's Top 10 Tips for Test Managers from:

  • Not every tip is specific to test management
  • Several tips are points made by more than one presenter
  • Like every good “Top 10 List”, tips are presented in reverse order (according to me)
  • I’ve paraphrased many of the tips to make them “quippy” :)
Tip #10: Learn the language of Business
  • Opportunity
  • Risk, Risk Mitigation, Risk Control
  • Probability & (financial) Impact
  • Scope, Time, Cost
  • Profit, P&L, Profit, G&A, Profit
Tip #9: Educate executives using business language (and road trips)
  • Otherwise, use analogy
  • “Start driving, adapt as needed”
Tip #8: Coach your team on their impact to the business
  • Scope, Time, Cost
  • Risk
  • Opportunity
Tip #7: Management is about balancing triangles
    Tip #6: Test Management: Management is Management Test is Context
    • 'nuff said
    Tip #5: Empower, Motivate, Delegate, Bubble, and Trust
    • Empower the team to succeed
    • Keep them motivated
    • Delegate important tasks, not just boring ones
    • Be the "bubble" that shields them from "danger" and unnecessary distraction
    • Trust them to do their jobs
    Tip #4: Be Strategic *their* way; Be Tactical *your* way.
    • As a Manager, its your job to ensure *your* strategy seamlessly integrates with executive & business vision
    • Once you demonstrate that your strategy meets the needs of the executives & the business, you'll be free from micro-management and thus enabled to be tactical *your* way.
    Tip #3: Filter Info up & down…

    Tip #2: … in the audience’s language

    Tip #1: Manage Things, Lead People

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    Hi Scott, Seems like an interesting concept. Love to participate next time you organize it. Nice you consolidated the event in practical outcome. Nice tips.